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glossary entry: binary

this post attempts to explain how we understand ‘binary’. through the course of this explanation we complexify and challenge preconceived notions of concepts like language and identity.

when we refer to ‘binary’ here on mxdflz, we use it pejoratively. it’s a concept we lament and resist. we lament the binary because it induces– and is simultaneously amplified by– identity politics, which expresses the default state of human relations today. binary influence is found wherever there exists territorial divisions– oppositions and competition– based on dominant identity categories. these have their origin in the fundamentally structural distinction between self and other, which is a consequence of man’s disjunction from and displacement within nature.

beware, this post gets a bit academic, and is very much philosophical and psychoanalytic.

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send a flood

"...what gets to me most about a musical is its celebratory force. celebration is different from victory. victory is a momentary binary outcome and dismisses the complexity of relations between forces. the celebration, on the other hand, lasts for a duration and intends not for resolution, but for expression. celebration is like the process of mourning, but joyfully..."

in this post i riff on musicals, and why i’m such a sucker for them. also, i touch upon what it’s like to go ‘off-script’ and to forge your own path within the somewhat cheesy, but sincere, context of a mixed relationship, which expresses, in large part, what mxdflz is about.

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"fucking magic"

" think of 'mixed' as just another label that can be slapped onto a character description is to misunderstand it entirely, not to mention perpetuating a monoracial worldview. representation is disembodying, it's abstraction, it plays into identity politics. rather, what we're about is expression. and an expression is always embodied..."

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