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like fine silk w/ sandra manzanares

Sandra Manzanares is a filmmaker from the Greater Boston area and just recently completed her Master’s at New York University.  Her short film, Like Fine Silk, has completed its festival circuit and is now available online.  Sandra’s film “centers on the point of view of a young Afro-Latina as she’s confronted with culture clashes in the intimate setting of a black hair care store. It illuminates experiences that are not widely familiar to the mainstream population and gives voice to often unspoken, uncomfortable misunderstandings in order to promote empathy and dialogue”.  We sat down with Sandra to discuss her film as well as her mixed feelings about being Afro-Latina in the U.S.

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send a flood

"...what gets to me most about a musical is its celebratory force. celebration is different from victory. victory is a momentary binary outcome and dismisses the complexity of relations between forces. the celebration, on the other hand, lasts for a duration and intends not for resolution, but for expression. celebration is like the process of mourning, but joyfully..."

in this post i riff on musicals, and why i’m such a sucker for them. also, i touch upon what it’s like to go ‘off-script’ and to forge your own path within the somewhat cheesy, but sincere, context of a mixed relationship, which expresses, in large part, what mxdflz is about.

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