[mxd] subjects are transforming the way we understand how life can be lived today. these STORIES, ART AND IDEAS are an extension of the complex histories and memories of [mxd] subjects.

Mxdflz is an intimately collaborative effort between artists and thinkers to creatively honor, respect, and express the unique stories of those who are mxd.

being[mxd]– a person who does not identify with monological categories or terms of pejorative difference. mxd subjects are those whose sense of self is not indexed to any organizing principle. they resist the policing technologies of identification, they elude the sciences of classification. there’s no pigeonholing them.

being[mxd] is not an identity position; rather, it is the embodied expression of  those who are in perpetual flows and shifts between a multiplicity of personas, positions, and points of interconnection. what mxd subjects do, how they live, will almost always certainly be an extension of the complex history, relations, and memories that they embody.

learn more about mxdflz themes by interacting with the illustration below:

COMPLEXITY: the more interconnected we become, the more complex everything gets. the more complex things get, the harder it becomes to see the world in simple categories. MXDFLZ examines complex relations that society has yet to understand, let alone recognize.
WABI-SABI: nothing is ever complete nor perfect. whether in decay or growth, everything is in-process and in a state of flux. MXDFLZ explores the nebulous, the disregarded, that which is still in-process; and as such, things that escape the visibility of the big-data/social-media gaze.
MIXOLOGY: we are inescapably intertwined. mxdflz brings a broad range of subjects together, elevating the level of discourse to all things MXD.
REMIX: MXDFLZ showcases and empowers the forms of creative expression that are not mere repetitions of the same old things– and consequently neither mainstream nor readily consumable– but that are genuinely original.

// we're here to talk story.  the kind of story that is familiar to us.  because our stories have been expressed inadequately, or not at all. 

// our professional background: film, television, photography, fine art. we’re not only creatives, we're thinkers as well. from published academic articles to speaking at conferences, our collective backgrounds in philosophy, psychoanalysis, race and gender studies enrich and empower our creative endeavors. we've also been fortunate to have traveled the world with our work. our experience navigating through a diversity of different cultural contexts, whether foreign or familiar, have also shaped our creative energies.

// on capital-ization. you may have noticed we don’t do it. it’s a constant reminder for us as we write that we’re not doing this for the sake of capital. but capitalism aside, the notion that there are some words more important than others, that require special signification, is not a structural norm we care to reproduce– written language not only has a psychologizing affect, but a normalizing one. of course, we rely on language, punctuation and grammatical rules in general to communicate with one another clearly. that said, capitalization is not necessary, nor a part of something we want to communicate in our writing.

// use of brackets with [mxd]. similar to our explanation for why we don’t capitalize letters, the brackets serve as a reminder that ‘mxd’ as a signifier is not something that can be reducible to, nor represented by, a single word. in phenomenology, ‘bracketing’ refers to the suspension of one’s preconceptions of the world in order to analyze experience without bias. by bracketing [mxd] it is a constant reminder to us that it is a concept that in it’s essence is fluid and in constant motion and re-negotiation.