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street collage


daniel kim

mxdflz collaborated with artist, illustrator, and TCK daniel kim for this interactive illustrative piece currently featured on our about page. check it out and read about it here.

daniel also created illustrations for our feature on roguture, which can be seen here.

…but i flow

...but i flow is a creative photojournalistic series that shares the stories of 'mixed subjects', those who are rooted...but flow (virginia woolf). this project is an intimately collaborative effort between artist and subject to creatively honor, respect, and express the unique stories of mixed subjects on film.

being[mxd]- a person who does not identify with monological categories or terms of pejorative difference. mixed subjects are those whose sense of self is not indexed to any organizing principle. they are resistant to being forced into ideological boxes, they elude the sciences of identification. being [mxd] is not an identity position; rather, it is an expression of  those who are in perpetual flows and shifts between a multiplicity of personas, positions, or points of interconnection. what [mxd] subjects do, how they live, will almost always certainly be an extension of the complex history and memories that they embody.

...but i flow shares the complex and diverse stories of [mxd] subjects frame by frame in an attempt to slow down the intensity of their movements and flows between dominant identity markers. being aware that it is impossible, each frame attempts to capture a different persona inherent to the [mxd] subject. clarity and sharpness will be of no use here; rather, images may have a sense of mystery and ambiguity to them. the series of photos will begin as such and as we learn more about the subject, the images begin to come into focus until finally the last frame is a 'self portrait' that declares boldly and irreverently, "this is who i will have been"– suggesting that by time we reach the end, the subject has already moved on, eluding objectification. hence, "...but i flow".

written and directed by kruz

"Seashell" is small, delicate film that offers a quick glimpse into the mind of an elderly disabled man. Through only two scenes -- a wistful present and a romantic past -- the film hints at a whole lifetime. Gentle music, wavelike editing, emotional, almost erotic connections between this man and woman remind us that we are always simultaneously there and here, that we often hold our own memories in our hands.  

We intend to continue exploring the themes of sense memory, interconnection, and transformation through similar films. Stay tuned.

bi-nary-cycle x niki current, she-demon from the underworld. niki created animations for us, featured in roguture, part 2.

if bio-diversity is thought good for other species and for the global ecosystem, why not for the human speicies and its bio-cultural ecosystems?
— lucius outlaw, on race and philosophy