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caroline mariko stucky is a swiss-japanese filmmaker based in nyc. her work explores the various shifts and stages that constitute the movement towards empathy. like love, there’s something ineffably unconscious to the experience of empathy that logic and language fail to capture. as expressed in her work, caroline doesn’t seek to define concepts such as love or empathy; rather, through her exploration of complex relationships, her films challenge and complicate our understanding of what it means to empathize, and to love…continue reading.

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sandra manzanares is a filmmaker from the greater boston area.  her short film, like fine silk, “centers on the point of view of a young afro-latina as she’s confronted with culture clashes in the intimate setting of a black beauty supply store. it illuminates experiences that are not widely familiar to the mainstream population and gives voice to often unspoken, uncomfortable misunderstandings in order to promote empathy and dialogue”.  

we sat down with sandra to discuss her film as well as being afro-latina in the u.s. …continue reading.


“ideas come from your ‘inner garden’ or inner world...and the more diversity and depth you have in there, the more interesting your work will be. making my own art is like trying to cook up a meal with all the ingredients from the garden. often times the process is difficult and you want to pull your hair out. is this garden of the inner self actually wild? i don't know. but i like the idea of life spontaneously growing all over the place. i draw inspiration from that.” …continue reading.

artist and illustrator daniel kim
creates a piece for mixdfeelz.
we visit with him to discuss his work.


this 3-part series touches upon the influence of the wa on japanese society and culture, and the complex consequences that follow from this– new classifications of death, deeply embedded racism, and fetishizations of group identity. 



lone wolf

this 2-part feature shares an experience on being [mxd]. 

"To describe my background, I choose to use a word that is traditionally associated with mutt breeds, hybrid plants, or the unnatural.  Mxd.  I choose to use this word because it flies in the face of what I consider to be a celebration of inbreeding, religious homogeneity, and the hive-mind. Honestly though, being ‘mixed’ only has a negative connotation if you think certain things should remain separate."


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