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podcast episode 5: breaking down layers of contradiction w/ camille hoffman

in this episode we sit down with mixed-media artist and educator camille hoffman. her work has been featured in museums and galleries across NYC and she's currently teaching at both cooper union and bennington college. our conversation centers on her art, and in the process we discuss topics from the eurocentric legacy of painting, to manifest destiny, to environmental ethics, to the complexity of living in the context of 21st century capitalism.

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podcast episode 4: in constant translation w/ caroline mariko stucky

in this episode, we sit down with caroline mariko stucky, who is a swiss-japanese cinematographer and director from switzerland. she currently lives in new york. we had a conversation with her about growing up mixed in switzerland, the difficulties with being gay in japan, and how these experiences are expressed in her films– “color/blind” and “us”.

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podcast episode 3: like fine silk w/ sandra manzanares

in this episode we sit down with sandra manzanares who is an afro-latina writer and director born in boston, massachusetts, to immigrants from honduras. her short film, like fine silk, has completed its festival circuit and will be online soon. we sat down with sandra to discuss her film as well as her feelings about being afro-latina in the u.s.

our conversation touches upon topics from the politics of black hair, to the african diaspora, afro-latinx representation in the media, the immigrant experience, and radical empathy.

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podcast episode 2: the wa and japanese identity

in this episode we continue our conversation with @darthmitsuru who runs an english-school/coffee-roaster assemblage in west tokyo (@tokyocoffeejp). we talk about how identity in japanese society is centered around the concept of the 'wa', and how it leads to unintended and terrible consequences– like karoshi– which we discussed in the previous episode. following from our discussion on identity, davy shares what it was like growing up mixed in japan.

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podcast episode 1: roguture and the japanese work culture

in this episode we have a conversation with davy millard who runs an english-school/coffee-roaster assemblage in west tokyo (@tokyocoffeejp). we discuss a problem deeply rooted within japanese society, and talk about new classifications for death that stem from japanese work culture. we also discuss how roguture is providing a response to the cycle of violence embedded within japanese work culture.

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